The juices are great and I really appreciate that there are no preservatives or artificial ingredients in them!

"I love cranberry juice and having been drinking it for years, but this cranberry juice is the Best Cranberry juice I have ever drank... I would definitely recommend buying this juice and experiencing it for yourself."

We recently found your product in our local Stop & Shop in Hyde Park, MA. We bought a bottle and loved it so much, we went back and bought the rest! We want to know if we can come to the farm directly to purchase juice? We would REALLY love to try the cranberry/tangerine...:-)

My sister recently came for a visit from Belchertown to our cottage at Burnet Point Plymouth MA and brought your juice. We loved it and want to know where to buy it (PLEASE Check our website for current list of fine retailers !!)

We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your cranberry lemonade ... we are looking forward to trying your other flavor!!

I recently purchased Bluewater Farms cranberries at my local produce market and want to tell you they are wonderful!! I've always been a cranberry lover and yours are beautiful to look at and make delicious cranberry sauce. Thank you for providing the cranberries I remember as a child, with rich red color and just the right size berry.Love hearing them pop when cooking. Next,I'll be making a family favorite cranberry bread..Bless and Thank You!

Hi! I am a volunteer with The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee The Elephant Sanctuary is the nation's largest sanctuary for elephants retired from the zoo and circus industry. You may not know this, but elephants love dried cranberries!

I just had my first glass of your cranberry juice. It is amazing! I will never buy any other brand again. I did not know it could be so delicious. I am going to use it to make shrubs for Thanksgiving. Just pour some cranberry juice into pretty glasses, top with sherbet or sorbet (I like using good raspberry sorbet), and allow to partially melt. Wonderful appetizer!

I have been drinking cranberry juice my whole life. I am 62, and your juice is the best I have ever tasted. And, best of all, it is all local! My wife grew up in West Wareham, and her family is still there. thanks! Ron from New Bedford

Congratulations on a great Chronicle episode! I've tried your juice several times and it is infinitely better than that other very large well-known brand we all grew up with!!

Thanks for all the love and care that you put in your products. Your cranberry juice and blends have been a bright spot on the breakfast table. I have been fighting a bad cold, and your juices have been a blessing. The flavors are terrific and happy to say I am better and now "cranberry strong"! Wishing the Bluewater Farms family a very Happy Thanksgiving! Joan (PS- Found your products at Trucchi's)

I just tried your cranberry juice. I almost passed out because of how delicious it is! I have always liked cranberry juice, but now I LOVE it!! I do not think that I could ever drink any other cranberry juice but yours. I just wanted to let you know that you guys are doing something right. Thank you!!!!

OMG, just had your juice at a restaurant in Eastham....... my my my wonderful I went out and purchased some by any chance do you have anywhere that I can get this even by mail please!

Loved the show on Chronical love your product keep up the good work !!

Bluewater Farms represents the vision and harvest of the Canning Family, with family roots that date back to the Mayflower. We are a family owned and operated, vertically integrated farming operation and have been growing cranberries on Cape Cod for three generations.

Bluewater Farms cranberries are grown exclusively in southeastern Massachusetts with the latest in integrated pest management techniques. The unique climate and sandy soil results in a beautiful red berry, crisp and juicy and suited for hundreds of recipes. By using our locally grown fruit and ensuring strict quality control, Bluewater Farms is able to supply the consumer with a consistent, quality product that is locally grown.